Monday, 29 August 2011

Shivaji's Childhood and Experience

Birth of Shivaji
                It was period of unsettle Shahaji's wife Jijabai was pregnant so he sent her to Shivneri fort near Pune at Junnar.
And the golden day dawned. On the auspicious day of Phalgun Vadya tritiya in the year 1551 of ths Shaka era. Its on 19th February 1630. There were great celebration in fort. When Shahaji heard this news he was overjoyed. See towards the sun Jijabai asked God what name should I give it to my son that I would write his  name in the sky. While speaking she came to a word Shivai then she got a word then she named him Shivaji.
                                                                                                                                                              Shivaji's Childhood                                                                                                  
                            Shivaji passed the first six years of his life in highly unsettled conditions. Evwn so, Jijabai did not neglect his education. Every evening she would light the household lamps and then call Shivaji to her. She would shower all her affection on him and tell him stories of the epic Ramayana and Mahabharata. On other occasions she would recite to him the devotional songs of Dnyashwer, Dnyandeo, Namdeo or Eknath. Shivaji liked to listen the exploits of brave men. He also liked to listen the stories of stories of saintly people.
Children from poor family came to play with Shivaji. Sometimes he visited them in their huts and shared their simple meal of onion and chapatti with great relish. They invented interesting games to pass the time. The children of the Mavlas were like the birds in the forest. They would imitate the sound of cuckoo or parrot or tiger to perfection. Their pastime was building small forts of earth and making earthen elephants and horses. They played hide and seek, or played with a ball or top. Shivaji joined them in all these games and became popular woth them. 
Shivaji in Pune 
                                Shivaji came to Pune  he was very pleased to see the tall Sahyadri peaks in the distance. They reminded him of Shivneri fort on whose soil he had played as a child. Pune of those days was a small town, nothing like it was today. Pune was a weak city everytime there was fights of great powers going on.When people saw Jijabai and Shivaji is living there then they got relief. Pune was once again crowded with people 



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